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Posh Paws

Dog Training

At Posh Paws we offer a range of personalised training services designed to address the unique needs of each dog and their owner.


Choose from our range of training programs to find the perfect fit for you and your furry friend.

Private One to One Sessions

Experience individualized attention with our one-to-one training sessions tailored to your dog's specific needs and your training goals

These sessions can be conducted at our facility or in your home.


From £65 per hour

Two Brains Are Better than One!
Why not choose to work alongside 2 experienced trainers to get the best results?

We love working alongside Puppy Pro, our sister school run by the incredibly knowledgeable and talented Aleks Wasowska.

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The benefits of collaborative training

A wealth of knowledge from skilled trainers, bringing different specialist skills and expertise to the table, together we cover a broad spectrum of canine learning.

Our dual-trainer approach allows for a thorough assessment of your dog's behaviour from every angle. Ensuring that no aspect of your dog's training is overlooked.

Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling training sessions that suit your lifestyle. With two trainers available, we can accommodate a variety of time slots to meet your needs.


A comprehensive service that goes beyond a simple stroll around the block.

Our skilled trainer is committed to enhancing your dog's obedience and overall behaviour. Discover the benefits of our combined dog walking and training program


Training Walks

£30 per hour

Minimum 2 days a week

Owners must attend regular one-to-one sessions.

Ideal for busy pet parents, our Day School training program ensures a structured, fun learning environment for your furry friend.

Drop off your dog in the morning and pick up a tired, well-behaved and fulfilled companion in the evening.


During the School Day we focus on reinforcing positive behaviours, exposure, socialisation, and basic obedience training.

They will join group walks, learn salon manners, have individual training as well as practice their skills in real world situations.

Key Features of Day School Training:

  • Structured daily activities

  • Environmental exposure

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • Obedience training in real-life situations

  • Regular progress updates for owners


Day School

£45 per hour

Prices can vary based on fuel etc.

Owners must attend regular one-to-one sessions.

Drop Off & Pick Up Available

Group sessions with a difference! 

Participate in exclusive community events and sessions, put your skills learnt in 1-2-1 sessions to use!

Practice your handling in real-world environments with the security of having trainers on hand to help.

Connect with fellow pet owners who share similar goals and experiences.

Must have had one to one sessions and been invited to join.


Become a Member of Our Perfect Pet Club

Run Alongside Puppy Pro!

Who Are We?

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