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What Do We Offer?

At Posh Paws we're extremely passionate about dogs!

That's why we offer a range of tailored services and packages to suit you and ensure your dog is taken care of to the highest standards...


Holistic Grooming Salon

We believe that no dog should have to fear or stress about the grooming process; we use positive, behaviour-led approaches to enhance overall health and well-being of your dog.

True holistic grooming!

Posh Paws Outdoors

Specialised one to one dog walking by an experienced professional.

Not enough hours in the day to walk your furry friend? 


We would love to help!


Puppy University

The perfect way to introduce puppies to a lifetime of grooming!

All students will receive a certificate and graduation photo shoot.

Enrol your pooch at Posh Paws Puppy University today!

Salon  Sessions

We understand that some dogs may find the grooming experience challenging & stressful. Our Salon Sessions are tailored to support dog trainers working with difficult dogs, providing a positive and gradual introduction to grooming procedures.


The Important Stuff

Familiarise yourself with our grooming declaration, cancellation policy, dog walking contracts and much more...

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