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Salon Services

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Posh Paws

Grooming Salon

We aim to provide the highest quality grooming in a relaxed environment.

 We offer one to one appointments, use natural products and

 hand scissor as much as possible for the absolute best finish.

If you are looking for the quickest, cheapest groom then we are probably not for you.


If you want your dog to be treated like royalty, enjoy being groomed and look better than ever before then get in touch!

Our Services

The Full Groom

Free Visual Health Check;

Bathed, brushed and blow dried by hand.

We use specially selected shampoos tailored to each dog.​

Health Care and Maintenance;

Nail trim, pad shave, hygiene trim, anal gland expression as well as ear cleaning and plucking.​

Styled to breed standard or owners request.​

Fragrancy mist;

Using natural, vegan and sustainable pawfumes.​

Lots of cuddles and treats!

Cockapoo Teddy Bear/ Asian Style Groom

Full Groom Pricing For Regulars

Every 5-8 weeks

From £25
e.g. Pugs & Pomeranians
From £30
e.g. Border Terriers & Beagles
From £45
e.g. Cockapoos & Collies
From £50
e.g. Standard Poodles & Samoyeds
From £65
e.g. Newfoundlands & Neopolitan Mastiffs

Prices vary according to; breed, coat condition,  styling and behaviour.

On average long haired, clipped or double coated dogs are at least £10 more than their similar sized counterparts. This includes "doodles".

Nail Trimming

Dog Nail Trim

Can be booked as a stand-alone service or added to a package. 

From £5

This service is already included in the price of

Full Grooms

Walk-In Wednesday 4-5pm,
no need to book! 

Puppy University

Puppy Grooming

For Pups under 6 months

Your puppy will need grooming every 4-8 weeks for the rest of their life... 

So why not start the off with their best paw forward!

This 5 week course is specially designed with puppies in mind, it's the perfect way to introduce them to a lifetime of grooming!

Salon Sessions

At Posh Paws, we understand that the grooming experience can be challenging or stressful for some dogs.


Our Accompanied Desensitization Visits are tailored to support dog trainers working with difficult dogs, providing a positive and gradual introduction to grooming procedures.

For Dog Trainers
Desensitisation Visits
Cocker Spaniel Dog Bath

The Tidy Up

Great in-between grooms to keep your dog looking gorgeous and smelling amazing!

It's important for dogs to visit as often as possible so they can be comfortable and confident in the salon.

Dogs will be bathed and blow dried then receive a nail trim, pad and hygiene shave along with ear cleaning and a face trim. Then finally a spritz of cologne!

Customers are advised to use this service 1-5 weeks after a full groom

Usually around half the price of their normal full groom.

Prices vary according to; breed, coat condition and behaviour.

Mineral Mud Baths

Staffy Bath Time

From Only £5 Extra!

Available as an add on to any Full Groom or Tidy Up!

Leaves your dog's coat feeling extra silky and soft
Highly recommended to double-coated breeds and other heavy shedders.

Prices vary depending on breed and size of dog.

Hand Stripping

Cairn Terrier Hand Strip

Small - From £45
e.g Norfolk Terriers
Medium - From £55
e.g. Miniature Schnauzers
Large - From £70
e.g. Airedale Terriers
Giant - From £90
e.g. Irish Wolfhounds

Prices vary depending on breed, coat condition and behaviour.

Matting will be shaved in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (2006)

Matt Removal

Poodle Puppy Groom

Where possible knots and tangles will be brushed and combed out.

However; dogs with severely matted coats will be shaved off in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

£15 per hour

on top of Full Groom price

Teeth Cleaning

Our emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush can remove bacteria, plaque, tartar build up and germs. Helping to eliminate gum inflammation, plaque and bad breath!​


Vibration free, silent, non-invasive, non-abrasive and pain free.

Dog Teeth Cleaning & Brushing
First Session
What to expect -
Up to 30 Minutes
Free Assessment
Follow Up Sessions
15 - 20 minutes
From £25
Each dog
receives their own tooth brush h
ead to keep things hygienic.

Under-Coat Removal Sessions

Husky Deshed Groom

Can be booked as a stand-alone service or added to a package. 

Ideal for double coated breeds such as Huskies and Pomeranians.

£15 per 1/2 an hour

This is already included in the price of Full Grooms for breeds needing this service

The Intro Package

Pomeranian Groomer

Ideal for older pups and rescues.

Bring your dog to experience all the sights, sounds and smells of the salon, in a stress free way.

We use positive approaches such as;

using treats, enrichment activities and fun games to introduce your dog to the grooming process!

Block of 3 Sessions - £80

3 x 1 hour

Each session must be no longer than 1 month apart

Ear Cleaning & Plucking

Can be a stand-alone service or added to a package. 

Ideal for those who struggle with ear infections and breeds with hairy ears such as; Bichons and Schnauzers.

From £5

This service is already included in the price of Full Grooms

Cute Bichon Groom

Doggy Day Care

Schnauzer Groomer

£5 per hour

Available after a Full Groom or Tidy Up Session.


Great for those who are tight on time.

Your dog can relax in the salon after their groom, with tons of treats and cuddles until you're ready to collect them.

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