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Meet The  Team


Meet The Team

Charlotte and Lila

Charlotte -
Owner & Slave to 3 Poodles

From a young age Charlotte has always loved all kinds of animals, but dogs have always been her favourite. She grew up surrounded by them!

She began pursuing a career in dog grooming after finishing sixth form. She soon realised her dream of opening her own salon and running things her way, with dogs always being the number one priority. Charlotte is a highly experienced groomer, with City and Guilds Qualifications and Canine First Aid Training. 

Charlotte has tons of experience outside of dog grooming; her family successfully raised 4 Guide Dogs for the Blind, before becoming Kennel Club Accredited Breeders of Bichon Frisés. Charlotte later trained Nellie, one of the Bichons to be a reading therapy dog. She has since retired and Fergus has taken up the role.

Posh Paws has grown over the years as Charlotte developed her skills in all aspects of canine care.
Charlotte is proud to say Posh Paws is now a one stop shop for all your furry friend's needs!


Louis -
Salon, Stooge & Sport Dog

Louis is a handsome, young Standard Poodle who takes his role of greeting all of our visitors very seriously.

Louis joined the family in 2022, Charlotte thought the only challenge he would bring was being her first show dog...

But Louis had other ideas!

It was clear from a young age that Louis had buckets of energy & was keen to really use his brain!
The pair love training together, Charlotte is hoping he will one day be the first poodle to compete in PSA (a protection sport)

Charlotte and Louis do still have lots of fun attending shows together, they managed to qualify and attend Crufts 2023 and will be there again in 2024!

Jilly the Bichon sticking her tongue out

Jilly -
Salon Dog

Jilly is a 15 year old Bichon Frisé. Who found Charlotte back in 2012 when she was looking for a new home, they quickly became inseparable. 

It became clear that she that hadn't been socialised; she couldn't walk on lead, was scared of the world & was reactive to other dogs.
Charlotte learnt as much as she could to help Jilly, beginning her love of training.

Jilly doesn't spend as much time in the salon as she used to, she occasionally graces us with her presence.

Fergus the Standard Poodle

Fergus -
Salon & Stooge Dog

Fergus is a Standard Poodle, who has become Charlotte's right hand man. He loves making our furry visitors feel calm & at home.
He joined the team in July of 2021, Charlotte was looking for a new challenge. He can usually be found by Charlotte's side, they love experimenting with new styles, training disciplines and trying dog sports together.

Fergus and Charlotte regularly visit a local primary school, the children adore him & he loves his role as a Reading Therapy Dog.


Gatsby -
Salon, Stooge & Sport Dog

The newest addition!
Gatsby, another Standard Poodle (anyone else seeing a theme here!)

He joined the pack in 2023 after being rescued from a puppy farm. Charlotte went to help groom some of the rescues and fell for him, she just had to take him home.

He has a lot of energy, a lot of drive and is lots of fun to train!

Our Extended Family

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 23.29_edited.jpg

Founder of Puppy Pro & Viadua Working Poodles

Aleks and Charlotte love working together and bouncing ideas around, they strongly believe two brains are better than one!

Now That We've Met...

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