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Posh Paws




Welcome to Posh Paws

At Posh Paws, we do things differently. We take the time to ensure your dog has the best possible experience whilst they're with us; we want them to enjoy being here as much as we love having them!

All of our visiting pups will receive plenty of treats and attention, along with regular breaks, with the option to explore the salon or relax in a comfy crate. We keep things as positive and stress free as possible so that your dog will learn to tolerate, enjoy or even look forward to being groomed!

We believe that every dog should get to look and feel their best. That's why we offer a range of tailored options to chose from, including; full grooms, introduction days and individual services such as nail clipping and undercoat removal sessions. 

We understand that every dog is different. Whether they're elderly or inexperienced, anxious or excitable they are all welcome at Posh Paws. 

Please let us know of any requirements when booking so we can tailor the experience to best suit your dog.

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Our Aim

At Posh Paws we believe that no dog should have to fear or stress about the grooming process; we use positive, behaviour-led approaches to enhance overall health and well-being of your dog. True holistic grooming!

We offer one to one appointments so that your dog has 100% of our attention the entire time, we use tasty treats and enrichment to reinforce the idea that grooming is great! We want your dog to go home feeling better about grooming than when they came in.

At Posh Paws, we aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We endeavour to use natural, vegan, UK made products as we know it's important to do what we can for our planet.

Fur All Shapes And Sizes


All Breeds Welcome


Walk-In Wednesdays



How To Find Us

Posh Paws Grooming Salon

Bull Lane, Pinford End, Hawstead, Bury St. Edmunds. IP29 5NU


Posh Paws of Pinford End is a qualified professional service that is fully insured and works to industry standards.

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