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Salon Desensitisation Sessions


Posh Paws

Salon Sessions

Accompanied Desensitisation Visits for Dog Trainers with Challenging Dogs in Our Grooming Salon

We understand that some dogs may find the grooming experience challenging & stressful. Our Salon Sessions are tailored to support dog trainers working with difficult dogs, providing a positive and gradual introduction to grooming procedures.

Key Features


Experienced, Trusted Groomer -

Charlotte, our highly skilled and passionate groomer is trained and experienced working with dogs exhibiting 

various behavioural challenges.

We work closely with trainers to ensure a coordinated and effective approach.

Customised Desensitisation Plans - 

Every dog is unique, and our desensitisation plans are tailored to address specific triggers or anxieties.

We collaborate with dog trainers to create a personalized plan that focuses on gradual exposure to grooming tools, sounds, and environments.


Patient and Gentle Handling - 

At Posh Paws we are patient and understanding, she takes the time needed to acclimate dogs to the grooming environment.

We prioritise the well-being of each dog, keeping the experience as stress-free as possible.

Open Communication 

Communication is key to success!

We maintain open and transparent communication with trainers.

The best way to make progress is to have regular check-ins, where we address any concerns or adjustments needed in the desensitisation plan.


Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of both dog trainers and their clients.

This ensures that desensitisation visits can be integrated seamlessly into training programs.

Collaborative Approach - 

We value collaboration with dog trainers and welcome their expertise.

 By working together, we can create a positive and consistent experience that contributes to the overall well-being of the dogs in our care.

Skill Enhancement -

Dog trainers can witness and participate in the desensitisation process, improving their skills in managing dogs with grooming-related anxiety.


Benefits For Trainers

Improved Training Outcomes -

These visits help dogs become more comfortable with grooming procedures over time.

Client Education -

Trainers can educate their clients on the grooming process, helping them better understand and support their dogs at home.

£60 per hour

Get in touch to discuss how our Salon Sessions

can help the dogs you work with!

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At Posh Paws, we are committed to creating a positive and inclusive grooming environment for all dogs.

We work collaboratively alongside dog trainers to ensure the well-being of their furry clients.

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